Monday, February 16, 2009

Thinking about creating your own quilt book?

Hello! Welcome to this blog, Publish Your Quilts. This summer I hope to create a catalog featuring a few of my quilts as a way to document my work. My goal is to use a printing technique called "print-on-demand" or POD. Print on demand will allow me to publish a book without having to invest in physical inventory. With POD, my book will be printed when someone orders it online.

This blog will help me to keep track of the various steps or thoughts along the way:
  • Are there good examples of self-published books to review
  • What to publish
  • What are the elements of a book
  • How should I publish a book
  • How can I afford to publish a book
  • What materials or tools do I need to publish
  • What title should I select to attract the most potential readers
  • How many pages should I have so the retail price is attractive
  • What print-on-demand company should I use (e.g.,,,
  • Getting Started
I am NOT a writing consultant, or an editor, or a publisher, or book publicist, a tax consultant or anyone you should depend upon for professional advice. You are, however, invited to join me on this journey. Enjoy!

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Feather on a Wire said...

I'm interested to see how you get on. I liked the Created Space idea very much, but I have to have a USA tax number before I can use it. You'd think Amazon could do this nationally wouldn't you?