Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Beauty Secrets: 150 Years of History in One Quilt Pattern

Bill Volckening is a self-described "quilt magnet," who has collected quilts since 1989. He used the website to publish a catalog of quilts in his collection, which were on display in 2011.  The 80-page, full-color catalog is titled "Beauty Secrets: 150 Years of History in One Quilt Pattern."  The softcover retails for $31.95.  Visit Blurb to preview Bill's catalog.     Have you used the Blurb website to make a catalog?  Can you share your experience?

Do you collect quilts or other textiles? Wouldn't it be cool to make a catalog of your personal collection?  Your quilts, your cloth dolls, the quilts from multiple generations of your family?  What catalog collection idea do you haveEnjoy!


Willy Wonky said...

Thank you for sharing my catalog! It was very easy to use Blurb for the "Beauty Secrets" catalog and other projects. There are standard sizes of books, plus page and style templates, but the thing I liked was the ability to customize page layouts. Was very satisfied with the print quality, and that's what originally led me to Blurb. A local gallery here in Portland had an exhibit of artist books, and the best looking ones were made with Blurb.

Bill Volckening, aka Willy Wonky

Quiltdivajulie said...

What a wonderful idea - I've made numerous Blurb books for a variety of reasons -- but gathering the legacy quilts in our household and capturing them with their information in a Blurb book is a FABULOUS way to preserve their stories.

Thank you!!