Sunday, January 29, 2012

Do You Dream of Publishing Your Quilts or Textile Arts?

Hello! I will start a series of blog posts illustrating how you can publish your own book featuring your quilts or other textile art. If you know how to use Microsoft WORD, have Internet access, and images of your artwork, YOU CAN make your own art catalog!

You can be a published artist-author in 2012! You can share your artwork with others nationally, or have a special gift for collectors of your quilts. You can promote a specific series of quilts you've created.

The series of blog posts will show you how to publish a 24 page, full-color paperback catalog! And.... you can have your catalog available on Amazon the largest online book store, among other places.

Is this something you're interested in? What has stopped you in the past from publishing your quilts? Post a comment by clicking on the "Comments" link below so that we make sure to address your questions in the upcoming blog posts.

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Tara said...

I really need to organize my quilt collection and this is the perfect means of doing so. I am taking the time to slow down and step back from simple quilting, which doesn't take as much time, to making more intricate quilt designs and piecing projects. I am growing as a quilter and having a catalog will show my growth over time....thank you for all of your support.


Kyra said...

Tara - Thanks for your note. Yes, I can understand what it is like to organize a quilt collection!

I have an excel file where I lists all the quilts that I make .... date completed, name of the quilt, size, materials used, who may have purchased the quilt.

Over the years, I've had my quilts professionally photographed - and slides made. The other month, I took the slides to Costco to have them transferred to digital images.

I'll use the digital images to create my own quilt catalog. It will be cool to see some of my quilts over time.

Lenora said...

I really want to publish my art quilts/dolls in a book form. I don't really know where to begin. I would love to leave a legacy for my children and their children I think that its importan. So where do I begin?

Kyra said...


Hello! So glad you wrote. This blog is one of the places to start! In the next couple weeks, I'll start to share specific steps to publishing your own quilt or DOLL catalog. If you know how to use Microsoft WORD and have a dozen or more photos of the dolls or quilts you'd like in your catalog, then you can do this.

The goal of the blog posts will be to step through the process from your catalog concept to layout of the catalog to writing it, to having it printed and available on

Take a moment to FOLLOW the blog or leave your email to the RIGHT column to have the post emailed to you automatically.

Best, Kyra


kyra!!! Love it!!! Call me!!! Again, I lost your number!!-Kweli

Kyra said...

Kweli - Hey! Hope you'll enjoy the blog series. I'll touch base.

Iya said...

What a great service this will be!!

yetunde said...

you know i am for this.

Kyra said...


Hey! So glad!!

Tonya Ricucci said...

I've always worried that my own photos aren't high enough quality to do this. And I'm on a Mac now - no Microsoft Word...

sherry whetstone said...

Hey Miss Kyra! I'm in. I have the information, just need to do it. Thanks for the push forward! Peace! Sherry Whetstone.

Kyra said...

Sherry - Hey! A catalog featuring your fabric arts inspired by Africa would be GREAT! Or, maybe a catalog showcasing the work of one of your classes there.... hhmmm!