Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Studio Quilt series - affordable art catalogs

Are you familiar with the monograph series by Sandra Sider? These full-color, 7 x 10 inches quilt catalogs are 34 pages long. Each focuses on one art quilter and includes info about the artist and more than 20 photos of their work. Each was printed using CreateSpace and retails for an affordable $11. The titles in the series include:

  1. The Studio Quilt, no. 1: Ludmila Aristova
  2. The Studio Quilt, no. 2: Jeannette DeNicolis Meyer
  3. The Studio Quilt, no. 3: Linda Colsh
  4. The Studio Quilt, no. 4: Barbara W. Watler
  5. The Studio Quilt, no. 5: Marianne R. Williamson
  6. The Studio Quilt: The State of the Art .... this one has 56 pages and retails for $15.
What I love about this series is that one gets introduced to quilters who you may not ever meet in person. The artwork is wonderful! Each catalog is quite affordable. Click on one of the books and use the "Look Inside" feature to see how simple the page layout is. You can also incorporate a simple layout in your art catalog!

I can see a guild using print-on-demand to create a catalog of an annual show - or series of guild shows. Or a quilter who also does dollmaking might have one catalog on her quilts and another on her dolls. Can you see yourself creating such a catalog? Do post a comment and share your thoughts. Enjoy!

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