Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The French Collection Part I by Faith Ringgold

I have been a fan of Faith Ringgold's quilts for more than 20 years. As a young quilter, I was excited and very impressed to see that Ms. Ringgold had her own "press" - B Mow Press - Being My Own Woman Press.

This is a 40 page, soft cover art catalog titled "The French Collection Part 1". Black and white interior. The components of this catalog are:
  • Title page
  • Table of contents
  • Dedication - great photos of her mom, Willi Posey
  • Acknowledgements page
  • Essay by Michele Wallace (3.5 pages)
  • Essay by Moria Roth (2.5 pages)
  • Section on the French Collection series of quilts - including 8 full-page photos of quilts from the series - and introductory essay about the series
  • Section on the Change: Faith Ringgold's Over 10o Pound Weight Loss Performance Story Quilt - including full-page photo of the quilt.
This art catalog was published in 1992. I suspect I've wanted to self-publish my own artwork since seeing that Ms. Ringgold demonstrated it was doable! Take time to think about the theme you'd like for your catalog. Enjoy!


Barbara Wallace said...
I sell signed copies of this book!
Please visit

Sherry Ann said...

Thanks Kyra for such a wonderful opportunity to learn how to self publish my own catalog. I am following your blog posts, but also just received my personal copy of your catalog yesterday (March 28,2012) from My husband , Curtis and I were quite impressed with it. It was so well organized and I love the glossy cover. Your catalog seems to be the perfect tutor for a person like me who is still learning the ins and outs of the computer world. I think if I make myself buckle down and follow the instructions precisely I may indeed be able to do this labor of love,and create my own quilt catalog. I've entertained the idea for several years now and Curtis has always encouraged me to look for ways to create and income from the blog .....but I just didn't quite know where to begin. Thru your tutorials I can now envision the possibility of accomplishing my goal. In fact by reading this info I now see at least two or three catalogs that are possible from the blog.It may take me a while to get all together, but you have bolstered my confidence and I think I'm definitely going to give this project a good swing. Thanks once again for all your generosity and foresight in sharing your knowledge with those of us who are struggling to see the light at the end of this digital blackhole. I admire you so much. Sherry Ann

Kyra said...

Barbara - Thank you for sharing the link to the signed copies.

Kyra said...

Sherry Ann,

What a wonderful note. I'm glad that these steps on how to self-publish your own catalog may be helpful to you! You do quite a bit to document the works of your family of quilters through your website. It would be great to have a catalog (or your series of catalogs) for others to learn about your quilts and the family legacy!

Judith Sather, quilter said...

This is a step forward to go back to my quilting roots and finish what was started--write the story behind the quilt.

Kyra said...

Judith, Thanks for your comment. I do find the stories behind the quilts to be among the most interesting!