Friday, November 27, 2009

The Needle Rules! Society of Detroit publishes One Stitch At A Time on

Sistah quilters of the Needle Rules! Society have published "One Stitch At a Time," a 24 page full-color book documenting an inter-generational quiltmaking workshop. The text was written by Louise Hamm and photographs taken by Christina Drane. The book is available via the website Blurb for $50 softback and $60 hardback. Congratulations!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

This I Accomplish - New book on Harriet Powers

Wanted to share with you my new book "This I Accomplish: Harriet Powers' Bible Quilt and Other Pieces." What an adventure doing the research on this book. It is a print-on-demand 180-page non-fiction resource on one of American's most beloved quilters - Harriet Powers (1837-1910). Enjoy!

Monday, March 16, 2009

President Obama: A Celebration in Art Quilts - exhibit catalog

Sue Whalen and the 60-member strong ObamaQuilters have collaborated on both an exhibit of Obama-themed quilts and a catalog. The group published their 120-page, full-color catalog via President Obama: A Celebration in Art Quilts is available in softback, hardback with dust jacket and hardback with an image wrap (photo printed on the hard cover). The softback is $24.95. has free software to assist you in the bookmaking process. The software allows even the non-techie among us to create photo books of our own quilts. With your book is printed after it is ordered online. This process is called print-on-demand printing. Little more expensive than other print methods, but better for the environment. The one downside to a book? No ISBN - the 13 digit code that unlocks the world of other book distribution. You won't see a book on Amazon or other online sellers, for the most part.

I've just ordered my copy of President Obama: A Celebration in Art Quilts and look forward to seeing the glorious quilts included. Congratulations to the ObamaQuilters. Enjoy!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Portraits for Fabric Lovers by Marilyn Belford

In 2006 Marilyn Belford published "Portraits for Fabric Lovers" on This 95-page, 8.5" x 11" soft cover book has full-color inside. It retails for $32.68 (yes, a crazy, odd price point). The book has thirteen chapters:
  • Introduction
  • Choosing Your Photograph
  • Posterizing Your Photograph (great step-by-step)
  • Tracing and Translation to Muslin
  • Line Drawings
  • Fabric Choices
  • Fusible Web
  • Constructing the Face
  • Introduction to Threadpainting
  • Threadpainting
  • Finishing the Quilt
  • Gallery of Quilts
  • About the Author
Seems like a great instruction book.

Jan 2012 update: This book is no longer available on You might find a copy on Amazon. Click here. Enjoy!

Needle Culture: Contemporary Mixed Media Textiles

Needle Culture: Contemporary Mixed Media Textiles is a terrific exhibition catalog. The original show was on display from May 20 - June 24, 2006 at the Coconino Center for the Arts in Flagstaff, Arizona. Needle Culture is by Darcy Falk and Juliarose Loffredo. This soft cover, print-on-demand book is printed by is 8.5" x 11" and is 50 pages long. The catalog retails for $23.46. The print quality is excellent.

The layout of the book is quite simple: one page has image of the art, the facing page has the text about the piece. There is an introductory essay. I wish the authors had thought to allow visitors to "Preview" the book to encourage browsing and sales. Needle Culture seems to be available online only at There is no ISBN number associated with the book, which limits it's distribution beyond this one website.

This is a lovely, affordable book. The layout and price point are very approachable. More galleries should consider publishing catalogs is such a manner! Enjoy!

AAQC of Durham, NC self-publishes

The African American Quilt Circle of Durham, North Carolina self-published an 84-page full-color catalog in 2008. ISBN: 978-0-615-17337-5. Each guild's 34 members had a two-page spread to feature at least one of their quilts, include a personal statement and self-portrait. You can read an interview about how the AAQC guild created their book by clicking here.

There was a limited number of books published. It is my understanding the book is $29.95 + US shipping and handling $6.75. You can order the book from the African American Quilt Circle, 4706 High Meadow Road, Durham, NC 27712.

Thinking about creating your own quilt book?

Hello! Welcome to this blog, Publish Your Quilts. This summer I hope to create a catalog featuring a few of my quilts as a way to document my work. My goal is to use a printing technique called "print-on-demand" or POD. Print on demand will allow me to publish a book without having to invest in physical inventory. With POD, my book will be printed when someone orders it online.

This blog will help me to keep track of the various steps or thoughts along the way:
  • Are there good examples of self-published books to review
  • What to publish
  • What are the elements of a book
  • How should I publish a book
  • How can I afford to publish a book
  • What materials or tools do I need to publish
  • What title should I select to attract the most potential readers
  • How many pages should I have so the retail price is attractive
  • What print-on-demand company should I use (e.g.,,,
  • Getting Started
I am NOT a writing consultant, or an editor, or a publisher, or book publicist, a tax consultant or anyone you should depend upon for professional advice. You are, however, invited to join me on this journey. Enjoy!