Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Quilt That Wouldn't Quit - CreateSpace

Createspace is the self-publishing arm for Amazon. Just today I saw this 30-page illustrated children's book titled "The Quilt That Wouldn't Quilt" by Cynthia Gibson and illustrated by Oklahoma graphic artist Kiamichi Goodbear. According to one source: "This is a story of courage, prayer, and the faith of one young girl who stopped the tribal wars of her country Kenya, Africa with her amazing quilt." This paperback book is $12.95 and published by CreateSpace. Enjoy.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dolores A. Hinson - A Bed for Dolly published 1970

Self-publishing in quilting is not new. I recently became acquainted with the quilt history articles by Dolores A. Hinson. She was prolific! She wrote for Nimble Needle Treasures, Stitch 'n Sew Quilts, and had a column called "Quilter's Catalog" in Popular Needlework magazine.

Mrs. Hinson published "D'Ann Originals" - a series of quilt patterns, one pattern per 6 - 8 stapled pages - under Almy Publications. She also published "A Bed for Dolly", another from Almy Publications in 1970. "A Bed for Dolly" is a 46 page pattern book with her own hand-drawn illustrations which she dedicated to "Karyn." The chapters included:
  • Piecing a Quilt for Dolly
  • Embroidering a Quilt for Dolly
  • Appliqueing a Quilt for Dolly
  • A Crewelwork Spread for Dolly
  • Embroidering a Sheet and Pillowcase for Dolly
  • Making a Mattress and Pillowcase for Dolly
  • Plans for Dolly's Bed
  • A Sampler for You
I wish I had met her! I hope one of the quilt museum libraries does include a file on the articles and booklets Mrs. Hinson published over the years! If you know where such a collection is, do please leave a note here on the blog for others to enjoy her work. I'd like to thank the quilt historian who loaned me such a file recently - I'm off to return it now. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Stories That Cover Us - new book by the Pacific Northwest African American Quilters

When you can, do add yo your library "Stories That Cover Us: Meditations and Fiber Art by the Pacific Northwest African American Quilters" by Lynne K. Varner-Hollie and Deborah Boone. Edited by Gwen Maxwell-Williams. Foreword by Rachel Clark. This book is available on

This coffee-table, gorgeous full-color catalog is 75 pages and includes quilts and short biographical sketches from sistah quilters including: Patricia Batiste-Brown, Deborah Boone, Carol Flanagan-Frank, Iris Franklin, Lynnette Gallon-Harrell, Antoinette Hall, Annie Harper, Antoinette Lewis Bush, Oneda Elizabeth Harris, Cheryl Haskins, Chistine Jordan-Bell, Donna Kimbrough, Paula Maranan, Gwen Maxwell-Williams, Johnnie Miller, Wadiyah Nelson-Shimabukuro, Vera Patterson, Lynne K. Varner-Hollie, Brenetta Ward, and Marilyn Wilson-Hanseling. The hardcover is $45. The softcover is $32. I love that the Pacific Northwest African American Quilters guild are documenting and sharing their work with us! Enjoy!