Sunday, January 29, 2012

Do You Dream of Publishing Your Quilts or Textile Arts?

Hello! I will start a series of blog posts illustrating how you can publish your own book featuring your quilts or other textile art. If you know how to use Microsoft WORD, have Internet access, and images of your artwork, YOU CAN make your own art catalog!

You can be a published artist-author in 2012! You can share your artwork with others nationally, or have a special gift for collectors of your quilts. You can promote a specific series of quilts you've created.

The series of blog posts will show you how to publish a 24 page, full-color paperback catalog! And.... you can have your catalog available on Amazon the largest online book store, among other places.

Is this something you're interested in? What has stopped you in the past from publishing your quilts? Post a comment by clicking on the "Comments" link below so that we make sure to address your questions in the upcoming blog posts.

Join the followers of this blog! I'm hoping to achieve the milestone of 50 followers by the time we start - add your name today! You can also leave your email address to have the first posts delivered directly to you. Enjoy!

Pioneering Quilt Artists, 1960-1980

Do you have quilt history research that you'd like to share with a wider audience? Sandra Sider used CreateSpace to publish "Pioneering Quilt Artists, 1960 - 1980: A New Direction in American Art." You can do this, too!