Monday, March 26, 2012

Step 1 - Have a Theme for your Quilt or Art Catalog

Step 1 - In this series of blog posts, we'll walk through the steps to help you create a 24-page, full-color quilt catalog!

Think about the different catalogs you've seen in art galleries. Usually, they are 24 or 36 pages. There is usually an essay about the artist or theme of the exhibit. Then, there are several full-page photos of the artwork on display with captions about the work. There might also be an artist resume and listing of those who own the artists work.

You can easily do this! You can create a catalog of just your work or join your best friend and create a book with both your work? A guild might use this series of steps to create a full-color exhibit catalog - and have copies available for sale at the exhibit and year-round from major online bookstores!

What kind of quilt catalog would you like to create?
  • A more formal catalog showing your quilts - professionally photographed
  • A more casual catalog of your quilts covering beds, draped over the living room sofa
  • A statement of you as an artist/quilter .... with a mix of photos of your quilt and photos of you in your studio
  • A catalog dedicated to a series of quilts you've made.... maybe your family-themed quilts or floral quilts or specific story quilts
  • A catalog that features your quilts and poetry
  • A catalog that includes your quilts and quilt block patterns
  • A catalog that includes how you make a quilt - what is your creative process? The photographs could include your inspirations, the various sketches to make your quilt, the finish piece.
  • A catalog featuring your quilts and other needle arts

The photo here is of a museum catalog featuring the work of the late quilter Elizabeth Talford Scott.

Your Assignment (smile): Take time today to play with ideas for potential themes for your own quilt or art catalog! Feel free to share some ideas here by posting a comment here. Enjoy!


Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney said...

I want to do one with my quilts & the stories/ poems of each quilt. A more fornal catalog.

Judith Sather, quilter said...

I'd like to do a journal of my journey of quilting

Bonni said...

I was going to say that mine will be about the journey but the more I think on it, it will be about a theme. The two are intermixed but by picking the theme, be it my Baltimore Quilts journey or my Medieval Quilt journey, it would still be a theme.

Kyra said...

Jacquelyn, There are a few quilters who have also published their quilts and poems.

Here is a link to a few titles: poetry

Kyra said...

Judith - Thanks for the comment. I use words in my own quilts and sometimes think of the quilts as the journal (smile!)

Hope you'll find this blog or the workbook useful to your project!

Kyra said...

Bonni, Both themes are interesting. I've not heard of Medieval Quilts, though and that sound very intriguing!

Karoda said...

I'm leaning toward an artist's statement with the mix of photos showing in process work and finished work.

Kyra said...

Karoda - Thanks for your comment! You are so creative that it will be a delight to gain more insights into your processes!