Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Step 8 - Type Your Catalog Just as It Will Appear Printed

One secret to creating your own quilt catalog using print-on-demand is that you'll need to type and format your manuscript just as each page would appear printed.

By now you should have determined the trim or book size for your catalog. The notes you took in Step 5 to determine the interior layout of your catalog will be your road map. [In the workbook, there is a table illustrating two different layout structures and an area where you can sketch your own layouts]

Open the Word file you formatted in Step 7 and start typing your ....
  • Title Page. Center your title and subtitle as you would like to see it printed. Press Enter several times until you are onto the next page.
  • Copyright Page. Be sure to copyright your work by typing Copyright © Year Your Name.
  • Dedication Page.
  • blank page. IF you have a dedication page in your catalog, you might need a blank page following the dedication page. The text of a book typically starts on the right-hand side of a book. This blank page will force the text to start on the right-hand side. I usually type and highlight "This page left blank on purpose" to remind me to delete that sentence before I finish the manuscript completely.
Now - if you don't feel up to typing and formatting your Word document, you can simple type in your information and photos - again, you'll have to type in all the words that will be in your catalog - and hire someone to format your interior. The free way is to do it yourself. Print-on-demand companies usually offer services for a fee - just be careful of your budget!

We'll start brainstorming your catalog essay in the next step. How's it going with your catalog? Leave a comment here - love to hear from you! Enjoy!

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Sarah Gibbs said...

Thank you. My daughters love this book.
I am following your Publish blog and following the book step by step. And having a great time doing the research and finally writing down my true feelings about other women's quilts that I own.
Thank you.