Monday, April 30, 2012

Step 9 - Write Your Own Catalog Essay - Starter Questions here

Now that you have the Word file set up, its time to write the essay that might accompany your catalog. 

For an artist catalog, you might consider writing an autobiographical essay to help readers understand how your life has influenced your quilt making. Your essay may be in prose format or question and answer. Here are a few starter questions you might consider answering for an autobiographic essay:

  • Early Life – What year were you born? Who are your parents, siblings?
  • Education – Where have you studied? Did you formally study textiles?
  • What year did you learn to quilt? Who or what influenced your decision to quilt?  Did anyone in your family quilt?
  • How does quilting make you feel?
  • What do you hope to accomplish with your quilt making?
  • How would you describe your quilt making style?
  • How has your quilt making evolved over time?
  • What influence does your community or guild membership(s) have on your quilt making?
  • What other needle arts do you do?
  • How would you like the world to remember you as a quilter?
  • For more starter questions - you can purchase a copy of the Publish Your Quilt workbook.

If your catalog is about an exhibit or series of quilts, you might consider answering:
  • What inspired the series or exhibit?
  • How does the series fit into the body of your art work?
For a gallery or guild creating a catalog for of an exhibition, you might consider writing about:
  • What is the theme of the exhibition? What motivated the show? What do you hope to accomplish with the show and the range of artists included in the exhibit?
You can type write into your Word document and edit the essay later. Get a good draft going!  

Once you have a solid draft, you should have others to look at it and edit it. My mother used to edit all my manuscripts. She's a retired English teacher and did not spare her red ink marks! I have also used friends who will critically review my writing - this is not the time for someone to "be nice."  

Now, though, I use the services of a professional. You'll have to decide what type of editing you want: grammar, word usage, overall readability and flow, fact checking, etc.  You can find a professional editor in your price range on  Has anyone used this site for freelance assistance?

How are you doing with your catalog so far?  Do leave a comment below. Would love to hear from you! Enjoy!


Bill Volckening said...

Have already made a few catalogs using Blurb, and love it. So much fun! Glad to see someone teaching how to do it. I've been tempted to teach it, too.

Kyra said...


Hello! Would love to feature your catalogs here! Do share the titles.

Best, Kyra

Carol said...

Kyra, I cannot understand number 9 question? HELP!

Kyra said...

Carol - want to help. Which question? Feel free to email me: