Friday, May 11, 2012

Step 10 - Insert Photos of Your Quilts into Your Catalog

No art catalog is complete without photographs! I have several exhibit catalogs published in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s that have B&W photographs because this was the affordable way to publish such gallery catalogs.  With print-on-demand, you can publish a catalog in full-color. 

By now you should have determined the layout you want for your quilt catalog as well as the number of images or photographs you want to include.

There are a variety of photographic styles you can use for your catalog, such as:
  • Professionally or personally photographed art pieces;
  • Images of you at work sewing on your machine or sewing by hand;
  • A photograph of your quilt on a bed or wall; and/or
  • A group photo of you with family or friends near one of your quilts on display

You might consider different photo caption styles, such as:
  • Name of piece, year made, size of piece, materials used, owner of the piece
  • Paragraph describing your inspiration for making the piece

Other Items to Consider:
  • Be sure to give the photographer credit for his or her images in your catalog.
  • If you have photographs of anyone other than yourself in your catalog, be sure to get a signed photo release from each person in the photo. Be sure you have their written permission to publish their image.  
  • You’ll need digital images to insert into your Word file.  For CreateSpace, the final interior book file size cannot be larger than 400MB.  Insert your photographs into your Word document; do not copy and paste the images, for best quality.
There are a few online resources for taking quality images of your quilts:

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