Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Studio Quilt, No. 8: Quilted Sculpture

Congratulations to Sandra Sider, who has published another catalog in the Studio Quilt series. This 50-page catalog features the quilted sculpture pieces by Mary Beth Bellah, Susan Else, and Jill Rumoshosky Werner. This catalog is published via CreateSpace and retails for $14 (though at the moment it is listed for just $10!).

As you consider your own personal or guild catalog, you might brainstorm possible series opportunities:
  • A guild's two or three major exhibits during the year
  • A gallery might focus on creating catalogs featuring up-and-coming local artists
  • A quilter might consider a catalog for different themed quilts (e.g., family quilts in one catalog by one person and another catalog featuring a collection of quilts by different family members or across different generations)
What kind of catalog series are you considering?  Enjoy!

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