Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mary and The Dream Quilt - One Grandmother Publishes Stories for Her Grandchildren

Susan Victor published Mary and The Dream Quilt, a 60-page book for her grandchildren using CreateSpace. According to the book's description, "When Mary and Squeaks find the Dream Quilt hidden at the bottom of Grandmother's Trunk of Tricks, fairies, dragons, and mermaids are just a dream away. But an ugly old witch and her nasty black cat learn of it too! Courageous little Mary must quickly discover her magic and stop the witch's plans before the Dream Quilt is lost forever."

Have you considered publishing a children's story featuring your quilts?  Have a look at Mary and The Dream Quilt on Amazon and click the Look Inside logo on the book cover. You'll see that this book has a black & white interior with black & white line drawings. You can read the positive reviews about the book.

I believe if the late Celia Spatz LoPinto were here, she would add Susan Victor's book to Mrs. LoPinto's "Stitch Me A Story: A Guild to Children's Books with a Quilting Theme." Mrs. LoPinto self-published her 74-page guide in 1994 and updated it in 1999. This guild included the title, publication details and story descriptions for more than 125 children's books.  What a gem!  Enjoy! 

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