Thursday, May 17, 2012

Step 11 - Type Your Artist Resume and Proof Your Catalog

Your catalog is a great way for potential collectors of your work to become familiar with you. For people who have already invested in your work, this catalog may enhance the value of your quilts to them. The artist resume is a way to illustrate your involvement with your craft in a more formal way than the essay you may have written in your catalog.

Let's say you want to create a one-page artist resume to include in your catalog.  The topics you might consider adding:

  • How to contact you.  You might provide an email or website address.
  • Selected exhibits where your quilts have been included
  • A selected list of any book or articles that feature your art work
  • Selected public or private collections that include your quilts
  • Selected list of guild or association memberships 
  • Notice that you offer workshops or lectures about your artwork or quilt technique(s)
Guilds which are creating an exhibit catalog may consider adding a page featuring the guild's history or invitation for readers to join the guild.

Congratulations!  If you've been following these steps, you have the basic framework for your own quilt catalog!  You have an essay that provides insights into your artistic motivations, you have a dozen or so images of your quilts, and an artist resume.

In Step 12 - we'll start the process of actually getting your catalog published and distributed.  But, before that, you'll need to ensure that your catalog is proofread.

Ensure any purposely blank pages are indeed blank.  Check for grammatical errors, readability, formatting consistency and such. For a week or two, put your manuscript aside; then, come back to it with fresh eyes. Proof your manuscript again. Consider hiring a professional proofreader or ask friends who will be very honest with you (smile!). I have used to locate proofreaders within my budget. In any respect, you'll need an error-free file to create your quilt or art catalog.

How is your quilt catalog project coming along?  Do you have any questions that I can help with? Do drop a note in the Comments area.  I'd love to hear from you.  Enjoy! 

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